Fostering Energy

Fostering Energy builds upon the idea that energy surrounds everything on Earth, from puppies to people to pizza. Interactions between these vessels create a transaction of energy, and the result can be either good or bad. Those carrying negativity in their self-worth, emotions, and thoughts also carry negative energy that taints everything they touch. 

If a simple interaction can breed negativity between both parties, it is crucial to control this energy. While it appears on the surface to be some complicated pseudo-science, taking responsibility for individual energy is no more complicated than personal betterment. The act of nurturing mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health improves self-worth, and in reaction breeds positive energy.

Where you go, your energy follows.Every building, home, and space entered is impacted by personal energy, and these locations also leave their imprint.The importance of caring for energy is beyond understated, and Fostering Energy brings light to the significance of the subject matter.

Pleasant Spirit


Calling Portland, Oregon his home, Kyle T. Pleasant is a family man, massage therapist, and even the author of this book. Spending 10 years in the information technology industry, Kyle made the transition to massage therapy 8 years ago and hasn’t looked back.

His debut book, Fostering Energy is Kyle’s chance to share the wisdom and experience gained through years of improving his personal energy. He is also legally blind and hopes to use his struggle as a way to inspire people around the world.

When not practicing massage therapy from his home or writing books, Kyle can be found hiking and travelling with his wife Kelsey and daughter Khloe.